As you may have guessed from the name, Wickedtemptations.com is an online shop selling a wide range of risqué lingerie. They sell gowns, panties, bustiers, garter belts as well as pantyhose and stockings. They have shiny lycra leggings among their products as well. Their prices are more than reasonable, thus buying something like a pair of leggings from them often makes more sense than making the same purchase in a hosiery specialty shop, especially for those who reside in the US.

The main thing you need to understand about wickedtemptations.com is that they’re NOT a hosiery shop in the purest sense of the word. They sell a large variety of mainly risqué products of which hosiery is only a small part. Wickedtemptations.com only ship to the US, via UPS or FedEx, therefore the site is of little to no interest to potential international customers.
For orders received before 2pm EST, the parcel is dispatched that same day.
While wickedtemptations.com is indeed a quality source of risqué fashion, their hosiery selection is not what you could expect from a pantyhose shop.

The bottom line: while for some it does indeed make sense to purchase hosiery from Wicked Temptations, this is not a specialty shop, which means that their selection of pantyhose/stocking brands and styles is extremely limited.