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   Every now and then, we get some interesting feedback from our visitors/readers, although most of the stuff we receive through email is quite insignificant and rather forgettable indeed. We are delighted however that there are eloquent and intelligent people out there who appreciate our work and we’re always glad to strike a chord with such people, even if their numbers seem quite limited. We decided to showcase feedback we deemed useful, in order to offer out future visitors a different–angle view of our operation.


I discovered your site about pantyhose and found it very informative, as well as entertaining. I think you do a fine job of illustrating some of the fine qualities of pantyhose, and how the negative perception by some people is mostly flawed. It was also great to learn more about the origin of nylon and I had no idea Julie Newmar is the queen mother of control top pantyhose. ;-)

I'd like to add something that I didn't see mentioned, that being modern textiles. Pantyhose material has changed over the years, even more recently getting the benefits of microfiber. The effect on tactile sensation is simply amazing, compared with previous pantyhose materials. Good quality pantyhose don't itch, but rather feel comfortable to wear for extended periods. Also, fibers are stronger, so thinner pantyhose are more resilient. Thinner deniers are woven more tightly, helping with durability but also fit, form, and comfort.

Lastly, would you consider adding a section on tights? I know in the UK, tights means pantyhose. But I'm referring to the heavier opaque kind. They're very much related to pantyhose and I think deserve mention. The range of patterns these days is overwhelming, with tights producers cropping up in many European countries (Poland is one of the latest). Although... I realize tights have displaced pantyhose in fashion these days, so folks like yourselves are probably a little tights negative. But fashion does change, and in time I think pantyhose will come back to headline alongside tights.

Kind regards,