UK Tights is the definition of a successful family business started from naught and taken to success by the belief and hard work of those who understood the need for such an operation.
Based in the UK, the online hosiery shop was started back in 2005 by Dawn Barber, who put her product selling and buying skills to use, starting up a company which now employs most of her family full time and which is now one of the most trusted and reliable online hosiery distributors world-wide. UK Tights excel in this business in several ways. They offer a massive selection of pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs and just about anything that may cross one's mind hosiery-wise. Their customer support system is one of their strengths too. Those who call UK Tights will get to talk to Dawn herself, her son Kyle or someone from the family.
The company had a 4k square feet warehouse purpose-built in 2009, and that's where the operations are currently handled.
The hosiery industry has always been great for family-run businesses and UK Tights' success is a testimony that even in the internet-age, it is still a fertile environment for such enterprise.

As far as the actual UK Tights shopping experience is concerned: the site is basically a model shopping site. Visitors will be able to scour through the offer through the buttons provided up top and in plain view, which categorize hosiery based on brand, type, DEN, color, cost and a few other such factors.

Of course, shoppers will be able to take advantage of sales too as well as of the merchandize personally recommended by the owner of the business, all at a single mouse-click. The latest products are also featured in a section of their own.
The actual shopping is as simple as it gets. Once she locates the product she's aiming to purchase, the customer can select the size/color and add it to her basket fuss free and fast. Products are listed together with a few bits of essential information on their main features, which is pretty much what one needs to know to make the decision.

UK Tights ships products anywhere in the world. Within the UK, postage costs a £1.96. For all other countries, the cost is £4.50. Next morning delivery is also available in the UK only, for an additional fee.
The bottom line: UK Tights is one of the world's leading online hosiery shops for a good reason: their customer support is great, their offer is lavish and their deliveries are prompt. Shopping at UK Tights makes perfect sense for US residents too, and for just about everyone else all over the world.