Tightsplease.co.uk    Launched way back in 2000, Tightsplease.co.uk was one of the first UK-based online hosiery shops. The site was born out of the need to allow shoppers to purchase hosiery online. Besides the fact that one doesn't actually have to get in a car and burn precious fuel to get to a brick and mortar shop in order to purchase pantyhose, online hosiery shopping offers a whole slew of other advantages as well. While most pantyhose packages feature a transparent window-like opening which allows the customer to visually asses the pantyhose she's about to purchase, and while most of the essential information is displayed on the packaging, online shopping offers would-be buyers to possibility to not only read an extended review of the hosiery-piece they fancy, but also to get other buyers' opinions on it and to compare the prices featured by various shops. The bottom line: one is in a much better shape to make an educated decision online than in a hands-on shop.

Since its humble 2000 beginnings, Tightsplease has grown into one of the top world-wise hosiery retailers. The stocks of the operation are always plentiful and they do cover just about everything hosiery-related. They have pantyhose, stockings, hold-ups, knee highs in all the imaginable variants, styles, colors and brands.
The site itself is geared towards making it as easy and fuss free as possible for shoppers to select the merchandize they're looking for. The site runs periodic sales and its products are extremely well categorized. Customers can use a variety of filters to get to the brand and pantyhose style in which they're interested. Those who sign up for the Tightsplease newsletter will get 25% off on certain products.
Over the years, Tightsplease have sold hosiery to millions of satisfied customers, among them celebrities and fashion designers.
The actual purchasing process is simple and fast. Those who have ever bought anything online won't have any kind of problems with it. Delivery is prompt and depending on the location of the customer, reasonably cheap too.
Tightsplease ships world-over, which means that the site is a good choice for US customers as well as for everyone all over the world.
In order to secure discounts, customers will have to paste their voucher code into the appropriate field in the order form.