Stockings (nylons)

stockings    The term "stocking" is of rather ancient origin. On this site, we are only interested in the nylon garment available in various degrees of sheerness and therefore that's obviously all we shall ever discuss, which means we won't go all the way back in history to the days when men wore wool leggings known back then as stockings. Modern stockings are also often referred to as "nylons".As far as the history of stockings/nylons is concerned, it reaches a lot further back in time than that of panty hose. Stockings were basically the precursors of tights, and they have taken quite a hit popularity wise after pantyhose were invented.

Despite the fact that the majority of hosiery loving women prefertights over stockings these days, nylon stockings have remained an integral part of the fashion world and of many female’s wardrobe to this day. Despite the fact that stockings are sometimes claimed to be worn for the comfort and the warmth they provide, there is no way around the basic truth that their primary role is an aesthetic one. They pretty much fulfill the same role as pantyhose as far as the beautification of the female leg is concerned: they smooth out imperfections, they enhance the curves and the lines of legs, and they offer the skin a glossy, appealing texture.

Why exactly were tights invented then? As smooth and as hot as the stockings were, they left plenty of room for improvement when it came to comfort. Back in the days when no “stay up” technology was available, stockings could only be held up through intricate garters, which weren't exactly the epitome of comfort despite their visually appealing nature. The primary goal of panty hose was to do away with the garters and garter belts. stockingsaking a closer look at why pantyhose were invented will pretty much uncover all the disadvantages of stockings. Besides the discomfort created by garter belts and garters, as well as by silicone band stay up technology (which doesn't quite work as a smoothly as you'd think either), stockings are positively drafty in cold weather and the various solutions employed to make them stay up often leave lines visible through clothing. There are essentially three ways to hold stockings up. One of them is the old-fashioned garter solution. Garters are basically elastic bands which clamp on to the leg, over the upper part of the stockings. Such garters are pretty much only worn by brides these days, and they're probably the least common stocking-support items.

Garter belts are fairly old-fashioned as well, however they are relatively common, and they are manufactured in a high number of styles and varieties to this day. Garter belts consist of a belt that goes around the waist and several suspenders that clip on to the tops of the stockings.
stockingsSilicone band stay up technology is the latest trend as far as stocking support is concerned. While silicone band technology adds to the comfort by eliminating belts and suspenders, it does kind of fall short of the mark when it comes to reliability. The sticky material which constitutes the base of the technology is prone to losing its properties over time. Even when new, it does not guarantee that it will indeed hold the stockings up the way it should.

What benefits do stockings carry over other hosiery though? For one thing, they are considered more aesthetic than pantyhose by some people. The combination of lacey garter belts, suspenders and sexy stockings is often regarded more visually appealing than just about any kind of other feminine attire.
On top of that, stockings make access to the wearer’s crotch area a lot simpler (whether for sexual or for practical purposes).
The health benefits that come with stockings are obvious as well especially when one compares it to tights. Leaving the crotch area completely uncovered, stockings do not create a possibly humid and warm environment in the crotch area, which is the primary cause of bacterial and fungal infections caused by tights.
At the end of the day, stockings accomplish a lot of what tights do when it comes to aesthetics, without the negative health implications, but trading in a little bit of comfort in exchange for all that.

Nylon stockings come in a large variety of styles, just like panty hose. There are sandal foot stockings, knee-high stockings, nude heel stockings, ultra sheer stockings, full fashioned nylons, fishnet stockings, seemed and seamless stockings, fence-net stockings and demi-toe stockings, and probably a whole bunch of other styles as well.
There are pantyhose styles out there (known as faux garter), which imitate the look of the garter belt/suspender/stockings combo.

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