Pumps (high heels)

    This website is about pantyhose and not about shoes, but if we are to consider pumps as the perfect accessories for nylon-clad legs, then their presence here is more than justified. What's the one thing that tights and pumps have in common? They were both created with the same intention: to beautify the female leg. Panty hose achieve that effect by altering the texture (and color) of the leg while not covering anything up. Pumps do it by propping up the wearer's heels so the angle between the feet and the lower leg is altered. For some reason, women's legs gain an overall more appealing appearance when the said angle is changed this way. On top of that effect, walking in high-heels causes one's leg to flex certain muscles, which slims the ankle area further, creating a more supple look.

Why do pumps go so well with panty hose? Because it's obvious that if a woman goes through the trouble of walking around on her tiptoes all day long, she may as well take another small step and go for the whole nine yards by wearing tights. Besides, both pantyhose and the pumps are kind of like the ultimate expressions of femininity, so it's quite natural that they complement and augment one another.

There are countless variations of high-heel shoes out there, and obviously, we can't really hope to list each and every single style on these pages. What we'll do instead is to create a list of the shoes that we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com like best and consider excellent for wearing with tights.

basic stiletto pumpThe first one on the list has got to be the good-old basic stiletto pump, which is really a timeless design. The female feet on which these shoes do not look good are few and far between. Whether they come with ankle cuffs/straps or without, these beauties will amplify the beauty of the wearer's legs in an instant. Open or closed toes, these shoes work just fine with hosiery, as a matter of fact, they scream for it since they can't really be worn with socks and on bare feet they betray a certain lack of sophistication. If you're thinking about wearing such shoes to an event of any sort really, with tights, you just can't go wrong. Is it comfortable to strut around in such shoes all day long? Not so much, but that's a different story.

Platform stiletto pumps represent a little bit of a foray into fetish territory. These shoes are so sexy, they're mostly used by erotic and fetish websites on their models. The simple fact that they elevate the wearer a good few inches above ground may seem attractive to some of the vertically challenged ladies, but remember: you'll have to pay for that extra height dearly through the discomfort and lack of agility that comes with these shoes. In a word: those who slide on such platform stilettos shouldn't aim to go ballin'. Dancing is a different matter. Being the prime choice of strippers all over the world, we'll have to assume platform stilettos are indeed easy to dance in. Like all other pumps, platform stilettos come in a wide range of colors and styles. From the point of view of the hosiery lover, the shoes that present the greatest interest from this category are the clear platform slides, like some of the Pleaser platform slides range.

clear platform slidesFor pantyhose fanatics, such clear platform slides have to represent the epitome of footwear, and that's because such slides do not hide a single inch of the wearer's feet. Because they're clear, they display pantyhose-clad feet in the best possible way. Because they're slides rather than fully enclosed shoes, they just beg to be dangled, a gesture which shoe- and foot-fetishists seem to adore. Make no mistake about these shoes: they're designed to look hot and to turn heads. Designs include various twists: there may be colorful LED lights incorporated in the platform part of the sole, which twinkle and glitter. There may be a slot left in the shoe where strip-club customers can stuff banknotes, or there can be dice or poker cards cast into the transparent plastic for an added visual effect.

platform bootWading deeper into the fetish realm, we have the numerous and diverse family of the platform boots.
Platform boots come in various lengths, colors and styles. The common denominator that unites all of them is that they all practically scream to be worn with nylons.

black platform bootsThe interesting thing about the relationship between these boots and panty hose is the fact that while they do indeed scream for hose, they do tend to hide pretty much the entire foot and varying percentages of the leg itself. In some cases, these boots may end up hiding pretty much the entire length of the wearer's legs, with just a little bit of flesh showing between the top of the boots and the bottom of the skirt. Of course, such boots get worn with leotards a lot, which leaves a bigger area of skin on which tights will remain visible. Despite the fact that they're more like a support-act rather than the main course when worn with such boots, panty hose are a must. Not wearing pantyhose with these beauties is like a deadly sin. Whether you're a hosiery lover or not, the sheer sensuality of such footwear combined with hosiery cannot be denied. If you're aiming to shock and to have heads turned, you should definitely turn to this unbeatable combination of foot and leg-wear. Be careful though, much like with tights, picking the right size is a major issue with these slides/shoes/boots too, and since they cost much more than the most expensive pantyhose, you may find yourself in a tight spot if you're forced to return them.

If you were wondering how you can further enhance the beauty of your legs beyond the wearing of hot and stylish hosiery: this is your answer right here.