Privacy Policy

    We here at have absolutely no interest in collecting our visitors' personal information in any shape or form. We do not currently feature sections access to which is password-based, therefore you will not be required to provide any kind of personal data anywhere on this website. Information contained in the pages of this website is absolutely free and accessible to everyone. We do not directly sell you anything and even if in the future we set up a forum, we will never contact any of our members with unsolicited e-mail.
We do use software which tracks visitor numbers and which logs visitors' IPs, but we only use that data for statistical purposes and we do not under any circumstances share it with a third party. In a word, as far as we are concerned, nobody will ever know that you have paid us a visit, regardless of the purpose of your visit.

------------------------ Cookie Policy
Through the cookies that we use at, we do not in any way intend to generate/share data concerning the use of our site by our visitors. We do host a number of advertising features though, which essentially forces our hand in this respect: we have to use these cookies whether we want to or not. As such, you, our visitor, have to be aware of the fact that information pertaining to your use of this site will be used by/shared with our advertising/analytics partners (in this instance Google) for traffic-tracking and content-personalization purposes.
Above and beyond that though, we personally shall never use such information in any way, nor shall we share it with any other third party. does not feature full frontal or other kind of nudity. We do not promote nudity and this is not an adult website, but you need to understand that due to the very object of the site (we're dealing with women's lingerie after all), some of the pictures, media and even textual content featured by these pages may be considered erotic and as such offensive by some. We assure you that our sole purpose is to provide information as relevant as possible about pantyhose tights, leggings, hosiery and legwear. Even though information contained on this website should be safe for all age groups, if you are underage (under 18 years old) you may want to stay off some of our pages.

While we do indeed try to keep the website as clean as possible, we cannot accept any sort of responsibility regarding websites that link to us or that we link to. The above detailed standards are only our own. Be warned that some of the sites connected with us by means of links will indeed feature adult content. is our pet project. As such, we do not intend to ever sell it to a third party but if it happens, we reserve the right to provide the acquiring entity with user information we collect.
We may feature ads on the pages of this website, and these ads may collect information of personal nature which is then relayed to the entity to which they belong. We would do not possess any sort of control over this information or access to it. As such we cannot accept any sort of responsibility tied to it either.
For further information about how visitor data is treated at or for just about anything else you'd like to know, drop us an e-mail.