T-band Pantyhose (also known as T-top)

    T-band pantyhose are a lot like control top ones in the sense that they too are meant to achieve a shaping effect around the bottom area. Unlike control top pantyhose though, T-band hose are not meant to keep things under control, rather, through their special kind of shaping, they round up certain areas for ladies who are a tad more challenged in this respect. T-band pantyhose seem to be the preferred choice of many websites that deal with pantyhose erotica too.

Unlike control top pantyhose which have their entire upper section enforced, T-top pantyhose only feature a small T-shaped enforced area which looks a bit like peculiarly-shaped thong panties. It's easy to see why the panty-area of such pantyhose is extremely easy on the eyes.

The biggest advantage that T-band pantyhose carry is that they do not have a potentially unsightly reinforced part that may hang out from under a miniskirt. T-band pantyhose can be worn with leotards too. Thong leotards will still leave a section of the reinforced area visible, especially in the back (and often in front too near the crotch area) but you'll probably agree that that is far from unsightly.

Those who like intricate patterns on their hosiery (like myself) running up all the way to the waistband of their tights, will love T-band hose. Those who do not enjoy the added pressure of control tops, will also love them.
In a word: T-top pantyhose represent the answer to many of the  potential problems presented by control tops.
From a visual perspective, I’ll have to say T-band tights are superior to control tops. As far as personal preference goes: while I love almost all pantyhose styles, T-top pantyhose have a special place on my list.