Solid Color Pantyhose

solid color pantyhose     As far as yours truly is concerned, “normal” colors for pantyhose are in the black-tan-white range. That includes all the shades in-between too, like graphite, grey and various degrees of brown. Therefore, when I’m talking about solid color pantyhose I’m talking about colors other than the above named ones.

Due to the technological advances in manufacturing technology, pantyhose can be dyed in just about any way these days. Thus, fashion designers can create a wide variety of effects through colors from neon green to plain old royal blue.

It is my own personal impression (and as such it might not be accurate) that most colored pantyhose are non-shiny. When it comes to fashion, I’m not the sort of person to be intolerant in any way of others’ tastes, but I need to admit I’m not particularly into solid color pantyhose. If I come to think about it, pink is the only color I can make peace with when it comes to pantyhose and even that only if the tights we’re talking about are sufficiently sheer and have at least a touch of gloss.

solid color pantyhoseColored pantyhose which are not sheer enough (these are usually thick) should never be worn in warm weather, as not only will they become unbearably uncomfortable not to mention unhygienic, they’ll also look out of place thus becoming the bleak heralds of an unusually acute lack of fashion sense and taste.
Solid color pantyhose also tend to be rather unforgiving with those who do not possess a pair of ideal legs, so it’s safe to say only those endowed with better than average looking legs should ever wear such hosiery.