Shiny Pantyhose

shiny pantyhose     Before I even begin this post, I need to warn you: I’m positively bonkers about shiny pantyhose, so the opinions expressed on this page will probably be extremely biased, without any sort of excuses. The reason I love shiny pantyhose so much is a simple one: if you’re wearing pantyhose, why would you want to pretend you aren’t, by donning a “barely there” style? I say be proud of your pantyhose and let it beautify your legs to the extent it is supposed to. Let it glimmer, shine and blind cameras. Let it do its job on your leg and let it achieve perfection through sheen.
Shiny pantyhose are woven with fiber which has a high nylon content. If you’re looking for glossy hose and you can’t really make out the quality of the material through the window cut into the package, check the makeup of the fiber. If it’s something like 90% nylon and 10% lycra, you’re on the right track.

What exactly is it about shiny pantyhose that some people (like yours truly) love so much? Is it the increased impression of depth (and through that leg-suppleness) that such pantyhose lend the wearer’s legs through the intricate play of light and shade they generate? Is it the simple fact that they are extremely noticeable and thus attract stares? It’s probably a combination of all those things, and it’s probably also a sense of perfection. Shiny pantyhose tend to hide skin imperfections best, providing a seemingly perfect surface on the wearer’s legs.
All these things explain the reason that shiny pantyhose have such a large fetish following.

shiny pantyhose Shiny pantyhose are also quite probably the pantyhose type most frequently used for performances. Whether it’s dancing, public fitness performances, gymnastics or even ladies’ wrestling, shiny pantyhose are preferred over matte ones most of the time. They give the wearer a sense of safety, in the knowledge that their legs – exposed as they are – look their best indeed.
Wearing shiny pantyhose for a night out or for performances is therefore a no-brainer. For everyday wearing, they may not be that hot though.
Also, extremely shiny pantyhose tend to look a little silly in environments where there’s a lot of light. Even if you’re a fanatic like myself, try to keep your high-gloss pantyhose out of the lime-light: they do indeed tend to look their best in low-light environments.
If you’re looking to purchase shiny pantyhose on the internet, be warned: most of the search results that turn up for this term will lead to…well, less than decent destinations. Try to search for shiny pantyhose by brand name too to narrow down your results and to avoid dubious sites. Wolford have (or used to have) a decent selection of shiny tights.
Other brands that carry shiny lines are Tamara, Peavey’s Hosiery and Gipsy.

Another thing you might want to make a mental note on regarding shiny pantyhose: they always look better in life than in photographs, so you may want to rethink your choice of legwear for that long-awaited photo op, although truly skilled photographers can indeed bring the best out of them, but professionals who can capture the true beauty of shiny pantyhose are few and far between.