Sheer to Waist Pantyhose (STW pantyhose)

sheer to waist pantyhose     Sheer to waist pantyhose are some of the most popular pantyhose out there. As their name suggests, these panty hose have no reinforced panty-part of any kind. The area that covers the wearer's buttocks and lower legs is made of the exact same type of material as the leg-parts of the hose.
The reason why more women like this pantyhose style than any other is probably due to the fact that Sheer to waist pantyhose can be worn without worries that an unsightly reinforced bit will hang out prey to the eyes of the public.
STW pantyhose can be worn with leotards (even thong ones) without exhibiting any kind of reinforcement lines. The level of comfort offered by sheer to waist pantyhose is apparently far superior than anything other legwear styles can offer.

An angle that takes the STW approach to the extreme is the seamless angle. Seamless STW pantyhose (like Wolford's Fatal Neon – reviewed in our pantyhose review section) have no joining seams or reinforcements of any sort. Such pantyhose are the perfect examples of second-skin hosiery.

Theoretically, sheer to waist pantyhose can feature all types of patterns, but most of them tend to be simple, pattern-less ones, in various shades of skin-colors or simple black and white.
Pantyhose erotica websites out there favor STW hose over many of the other styles on their models. With the popularity of traditional pantyhose styles like the control tops clearly waning, STW hose gain more and more following among hosiery lovers.