Seamless Pantyhose

seamless pantyhose     According to many hosiery enthusiasts, seamless pantyhose represent the epitome of what hosiery should really be about. Seamless pantyhose do indeed take sheerness to new heights, creating a waist to toe coverage unparalleled in perfection by anything else. Seamless pantyhose get as close to second skin as possible.
Seamless pantyhose don’t just have missing seams on the leg (no full fashioned or mock seams), they don’t have any kind of a panty-part either, which means they don’t have any sort of seams whatsoever, neither on the legs nor on the panty-area. They’re basically fashioned from a single piece of material from top to bottom. The only part of the pantyhose which features material of a different consistency is the waistband.

Seamless pantyhose can be worn pretty much with anything: short or long skirts, dresses, leotards (even thong ones). You will never have to worry about whether or not your seams are straight and positioned where they should be with these babies. They’re extremely forgiving as far as fashion faux-pas go. They’re available in matte finishes as well as in shiny and extremely shiny ones. As far as colors go, you can purchase them in just about any color, but I’d stick with tan, black or white. Given how they feature no seams anywhere, I think it’s safe to say seamless pantyhose represent a wonder of modern hosiery technology.