Sandal-foot Pantyhose

sandal-foot pantyhose     Sandal foot pantyhose were created with one goal in mind: to allow the wearer to wear them with open toed sandals, without appearing tacky and tasteless. Sandal foot pantyhose do not feature a reinforced heel area or reinforced toes either. They are completely sheer all over the foot, allowing the wearer to strut her toes and heels and entire foot almost in plain view without ever giving the impression that she is wearing pantyhose.
While it is generally considered tasteless and far from stylish to wear sandals or open toed footwear with pantyhose, sandal foot pantyhose are perfectly acceptable. Do not confuse sandal foot pantyhose with open toed pantyhose, which is a completely different style, although the purpose for which it has been created may be the same.

Please remember: wearing sandal foot pantyhose just for the heck of it is not always a good idea. If you're wearing closed shoes, by all means go for reinforced toes. The toe and heel area are usually the most mechanically abused areas of tights, and the sheer nylon fabric is not exactly suited to taking that much abuse.

sandal-foot pantyhose When wearing sandals or open toed pumps, you should definitely go for sandal foot. Not only will the non-reinforced toe not to be subjected to as much abuse as in a closed shoe, it will look much better too. Most women also do agree that wearing sandal foot pantyhose with open toed footwear is much better than going barefooted.

Some sandal foot pantyhose do not even feature a seam at the tip of the toes, which makes them even more suitable for wearing with sandals.