Patterned Pantyhose

patterned pantyhose     Patterned pantyhose represent one of the greatest hosiery styles, in the sense that they offer the creator’s imagination a virtually limitless canvas to explore. The category of patterned pantyhose includes a wide selection of styles, degrees of sheerness, gloss and color. Some patterns can be conservative lines and angles-based ones, others are discrete and cover small areas on the leg like near the ankles or hips. Still others decorate the entire length of the leg and even the panty-area of the panty hose with intricate flower or butterfly patterns.
Patterns are not restricted to a sheer pantyhose base only. Fishnets can be patterned as well. Even cable-knit pantyhose feature some patterns (usually only 3D ones though).

There are some people (hosiery models mostly) who look good in any type of patterned pantyhose, but for the rest of us out there, patterned hosiery represents a major challenge. One needs to be quite gifted in the way of fashion sense to be able to tell wrong and right apart when it comes to patterned hosiery. Pantyhose patterns have the power to make one’s legs look suppler and longer than they actually are. In the same time, they can also make one’s legs look thicker and shorter. As a general guideline: patterns which run the length of the leg (longitudinal ones) tend to visually increase leg length. Patterns which run across the leg, tend to make legs look shorter and stockier.

patterned pantyhose Patterns which “overcrowd” the leg, are likely to make legs appear thicker as well.
For some reason, some patterns just seem tasteless for no apparent reason. Mind you though that beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, so a pattern that appears tasteless to me may yet ring your bell so to speak.

What can you wear patterned pantyhose with? Just about anything you wish to. Depending on the panty part which can still be T-top, French-lace style or control top style, you can even wear patterned hose with revealing thong leotards.