Open Toed Pantyhose

open toed pantyhose     Open toed pantyhose have taken the sandal-foot concept one step further: instead of trying to make the material of the pantyhose as close to invisible as possible in the toe area, they have done away with the toe section completely. When wearing such pantyhose, you'll be able to wear sandals or open toed footwear of just about any sort, without ever giving the impression that you have pantyhose on. As a matter of fact, you will create quite a dilemma for onlookers, who won't understand how you can have pantyhose on your legs and on your feet but not on your toes.

There are basically two variants of open toed pantyhose. One style features a small sling that goes between the big toe and the second toe to prevent the material from sliding up the leg. This type of toeless pantyhose has become extremely fashionable lately, though its sudden popularity may after all prove to be nothing more than a fad.
The other type of toeless pantyhose doesn't have the small piece of material that goes between the toes, with the aim of preventing the pantyhose from rolling/sliding up the foot. Instead, it achieves the same effect through an elastic band that goes around the foot, about an inch above the toes, which holds the bottom part of the pantyhose in place.

open toed pantyhose The advantages of the open toed pantyhose are obvious: they are excellently suited for being worn with open-toed footwear. The toes are not encased therefore they're not as likely to sweat. By doing away with the toe area, toeless pantyhose successfully dispose of a significant weakness as far as runs are concerned (they do retain the Achilles' heel though – the heel section, which is another area prone to developing runs).
The reinforced part of the hose which goes between the toes creates an interesting visual effect: it looks as though the wearer has toe-rings on.