Opaque Pantyhose

opaque pantyhose     Opaque pantyhose (often known as tights in the US), are considered to be among the least spectacular hosiery styles. They’re also some of the warmest, so as far as practicality goes (in winter conditions only), they’re the best.
Opaque pantyhose are made with material that is not entirely see-through. The material is made with yarn with a higher than usual DEN, hence the opaque effect. When it comes to opaque pantyhose, most people automatically assume that they’re matte but that is not necessarily the case. There are opaque pantyhose out there made with high DEN fiber which also contains lots of nylon. Such high gloss opaque pantyhose are some of my personal favorites, as they look great on the legs. When should you wear such high gloss opaque tights? When you want your legs to attract stares, but you have something to hide (a nasty scratch or some sort of other - aesthetically not exactly appealing - ailment).

Matte opaque hosiery can be worn for just about any occasion really. Whether or not you’ll commit faux-pas by wearing them depends on what you combine them with. It is generally a good idea not to wear such pantyhose in the summer heat though, as they tend to be thick and therefore retain heat much better than other pantyhose styles.

Opaque pantyhose are not your grandmother’s pantyhose by any standards these days. Modern weaving techniques have made it possible for manufacturers to create fine materials with intricate patterns and design elements. The recommended colors are about the same as in other pantyhose styles: black and white, but mostly black. For some reason, when it comes to opaque, unless it’s extremely glossy pantyhose we’re talking about, tan isn’t exactly a great choice in opaque.
opaque pantyhose