Nude Heel Pantyhose

nude heel pantyhose     Given the fact that most pantyhose are made with nude heels these days, I think that a little bit of explanation on what non-nude heel pantyhose are is in order for most of our readers. Back in the days, pantyhose used to be manufactured with reinforced toes and heels. The heel section was made with the same yarn/weave pattern as the toe part. Though nowadays that is no longer a usual practice, there are still pantyhose out there which feature such reinforced heels.
Pantyhose that do not have such reinforced heels are called nude heel pantyhose. The truth of the matter is that most runs/ladders occur at the heel. Nude heel pantyhose provide no protection whatsoever against such runs. The reinforced heel area of non-nude heel pantyhose was meant to prevent exactly this problem. Why was the reinforced heel dropped in the first place? Probably because it was considered unsightly for the heel area to hang out when the wearer chose to wear shoes that left the heel uncovered. Indeed, the reinforced heel had a tendency to become visible even when shoes like basic stilettos were worn.

With advances in yarn types and materials used for pantyhose manufacturing, the reinforced heel - being the necessary evil that it was - was dropped. The problem of runs however remains to this day. Nude heel pantyhose are still extremely prone to developing runs at the heel area, because that is probably the area that takes the largest amount of abuse during normal wear. Pretty much everyone develops a more or less hardened portion of skin on the heel. That rough skin there is quite probably the largest of enemy of nude heel pantyhose.