Non Slip Pantyhose

non slip pantyhose     One of the most important features of pantyhose is the overall shiny/silky look and silky/slippery feel they provide on the wearer's legs. While on the buttocks/thighs and lower legs (even on top of the feet) this slippery-shiny look/feel is more than welcome, there's one pantyhose-covered area where it may not be so: the soles. Have you ever put on a pair of top quality, extremely sheer, shiny and slippery pantyhose, only to find your feet sliding forward and crushing your toes into a mad jumble in the nose of your stiletto pumps? The fact that it's about as uncomfortable as one can imagine is not all about the above described situation: you'll also find it difficult to keep your balance and to actually walk decked out that way. These things are sure designed to look pretty, and there are few things more attractive on a female leg/foot than the combination of high quality hosiery and high heel pumps, but that same combination doesn't always have any kind of regard for comfort. While we can toss a lot out the window for the sake of looking hot, the ability to walk is not one such expandable commodity.

Always keen to turn a sensitive ear towards customers, the hosiery industry has already taken up the challenge though: enter the non slip pantyhose. Non slip pantyhose are specifically designed to keep the soles of the feet from slipping inside the shoe as the wearer walks. These tights thus significantly improve comfort, without impacting the overall look and feel of the wearer's legs.
The problem can be approached from a variety of angles, and different hosiery makers have pretty much explored every such angle there is. The most straightforward solution would be to simply choose pantyhose which feature a rougher finish. Not only will this result in a nice swish when the wearer's legs rub together, they will also be a lot less likely to slip.
Another way to deal with the problem is to simple reinforce the sole area, the same way the panty areas of control top pantyhose are. Because such reinforced areas are made with higher weight fiber, and because they are a lot less sheer than the leg portion of the hose, they're a lot less likely to slip too. For added traction, the reinforced area can be made stripy.

Others have taken the idea much further: they have inserted various grip-enhancing materials into the soles of the panty hose, like rubber or silicone. Having V-shaped silicone stripes on the soles of your tights will most definitely exclude the possibility of slipping.
Some inventors have come up with much more complicated solutions, like the addition of a second layer on the sole of the pantyhose, with moisture-wicking as well as anti-slipping characteristics.

One thing is certain about all non slip pantyhose solutions: none of them are particularly aesthetic in appearance, but then again, as long as you have your shoes on, no one will ever know that you are in fact taking advantage of such technology, and your feet will thank you for it.