Mock Seam Pantyhose

mock seam pantyhose     Mock seam pantyhose are called that because the seam they feature running up the back of the leg of the wearer isn’t really a necessity, it’s more of a design element. Back in the days when pantyhose was still in its infancy, the manufacturing technique called for legs to be made of a single panel of material which then got sewn up in the back to give it its actual shape. Those pantyhose were actual back-seam pantyhose. Nowadays, the back-seam is a mere design option. Almost all pantyhose are manufactured without any seams on the leg, thus the mock seam is actually woven into the material through the same technique which is used for patterns. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that these days, the majority of seamed tights are actually mock seam ones.

The modern manufacturing techniques used for the mock seam allow designers to create a wild variety of seam designs. From the simple line to various floral and other patterns, mock seams run a wide gamut when it comes to appearance.
The seam up the back of the leg can be the continuation of a re-enforced sole or it can start just above the heel. Mock seam pantyhose can be sheer hose or fishnets too.

Various pantyhose styles can be combined under the mock-seam umbrella: some such pantyhose come with control tops, which means that the seam ends quite unspectacularly right where the control top begins. Don’t get the idea that you won’t ever be able to wear mock-seam pantyhose with a leotard though. Some mock seam tights come with T-tops or French-lace panty parts, and the designers use interesting twists to end the seam on the buttocks of the wearer: a flower design can be used or even ladies’ hands which seem to hold on to the seam with two fingers. The sky and the designer’s imagination is the limit here too.
Another interesting and often-used design element for mock seam legwear is a small bow attacked to the seam a couple of inches above the heel of the wearer. This bow can be of the same color as the pantyhose itself but it can be of a different color as well.