Mock Garter Pantyhose

mock garter pantyhose     Mock garter pantyhose, also known as faux garter pantyhose, represent an interesting merger of stockings and pantyhose. Mock garter pantyhose are a style of hosiery which tries to convey the classic looks of stockings through the modern means of pantyhose so to speak. Stockings used to be rather uncomfortable and at the end of the day – impractical- for several reasons, yet they did have the appearance that over time grew to be a classic and some women still do aim for that classic look. The best solution for such garter-lovers is to combine the advantages of modern pantyhose with the classic look of garter belts and stockings through a relatively simple pattern on the pantyhose.
Faux garter pantyhose feature a pattern that creates the impression of garters and stocking on the wearer’s legs.

Mock garter pantyhose are often used by various erotic websites on their models, because of their visually appealing nature. Mock garter pantyhose create a pretty interesting dilemma when it comes to what they should be worn with. If they’re worn with a longer skirt, none of the mock garter part will be visible, therefore the effect will be the same as in a normal control top or T-top pantyhose. In a word: you won’t be able to show off any of the pattern that is the very essence of the style. If you wear them with a short shirt, you’ll end up looking slutty. Wearing them with a leotard is pretty much out of the question for the overwhelming majority of potential wearers out there.
The bottom line: wearing mock garter pantyhose only makes sense without any additional clothes that hinder visibility when it comes to the pattern, and outside of a few very intimate occasions, few women would ever consider that, so there you have it.
mock garter pantyhose Mock garter pantyhose can come in a variety of different patterns. The garter part itself can look rather life-like or less so. Some of the mock garter tights never really aim to deceive the onlooker into thinking the wearer is indeed wearing stockings rather than pantyhose. The fact itself that the pattern is there is considered enough of an effect most of the time.
Mock garter pantyhose that do aim to look as close to life-like as possible, will often feature Cuban heels and back seams. Remember: mock garter pantyhose DO NOT feature open crotches. The panty-part is part of the design as well.