Matte Pantyhose

matte pantyhose     Matte pantyhose aren’t set apart from the other styles by a special pattern or structure. As a matter of fact, I’m not even 100% certain that matte can be called a pantyhose style. Anyway, what makes matte hose special is the type of fiber used for making them. Due to its relatively low nylon-content, the material resulting from such fiber isn’t a shiny one. Matte pantyhose is just that: matte, without that special sheen that looks so hot on ladies legs. Make no mistake though, matte pantyhose are not your grandmother’s pantyhose – or at least they don’t have to be. Modern matte pantyhose are manufactured with a clear goal in mind, which is to dress ladies legs up without ever being noticed.
Since pantyhose took a dive popularity-wise in the 90s, it has become fashionable for pantyhose-loving ladies to wear “barely there” hose. Some brands took the trend to the extreme, creating extremely light (in the 5-10 DEN range) tights, which – provided the right color was picked – basically became invisible on the wearer’s legs. Since sheen would betray the presence of panty hose, it was thought best to use completely matte material for these pantyhose.

Such barely there hose usually feature non-reinforced toes to further enhance the “nude” effect that the maker is aiming for.
Because having shiny legs (naturally shiny, not shiny on account of pantyhose) became fashionable a while ago, some pantyhose makers began to manufacture matte panty hose with a subtle sheen, dubbed sun oil sheen. These pantyhose are matte and shiny in the same time, I don’t know how else to describe them. Their sheen is oily rather than “nylony” like the type of sheen provided by shiny pantyhose.