Low waist (Low rise) Pantyhose

low waist pantyhose     Low waist or low rise pantyhose represent one of the most recently introduced styles, therefore you will probably not find a description of these pantyhose on older pantyhose information sites and pantyhose blogs. The low-waist/low rise jeans style is probably to “blame” for the appearance of this new pantyhose style. Low rise jeans have taken the fashion world by storm a few years ago and they have given birth to all sorts of spin-offs. I’m guessing that low waist panty hose represent one such fashion spinoff. Quite frankly, I do not see a whole lot of practicality in the style, except that they look good, but since it’s pantyhose we’re talking about here, that should more than suffice.
Just about the only practicality I see in low rise pantyhose is that worn with low-rise jeans, they don’t tend to pop out together with the wearer’s plumber’s crack when she squats down to pick up something. In a word: they do not mess with the plumber’s crack, after all: what’s right (or rather wrong) is right (wrong).

low waist pantyhoselow waist pantyhoseDon’t low-waist pantyhose slip down easier? Or at least feel that they’re about to? They probably do, although if you pick the right size and you get used to the feeling of your panty hose waistline barely clinging to your hips, you should be OK. What’s the use of having a low waist-line in an under-garment? Jeans are designed with low waistlines because they do have waistlines which are fully visible under normal circumstances. Low waist pantyhose on the other hand shouldn’t really have any part above the mid-section of the thighs visibleā€¦ Whatever the answer to that question is, I want you all to know that I fully approve of this style and that I can perfectly see why somebody would want to wear such a style. Diversity is the essence of survival, and with pantyhose styles branching out in this many directions, the continued survival of nylons/tights on the stormy waters of the fashion world is pretty much secured.