Full Fashioned Pantyhose

full fashioned pantyhose     Full-fashioned pantyhose are also known as vintage pantyhose on account of the fact that they represent a throwback to the first hosiery styles. Back then, technology to make the legs of the pantyhose out of one single piece did not exist. Therefore, the legs were made out of a single panel of material, which was basically wrapped around the leg and then sewn together where needed. Full fashioned vintage pantyhose are manufactured to this day, as there are still customers looking for this type of hosiery.

Full fashioned pantyhose always come with back-seams (which are not mock seams this time) and not only fully re-enforced toes and heels but often soles as well.
Full fashioned pantyhose should be worn for special occasions. They work well with dresses and skirts however they're not recommended to be used with clothes that are extremely revealing, like leotards.
Why does this vintage style of hosiery still exist today? Some people apparently find it the very epitome of femininity. Some design elements from full fashioned pantyhose are retained in other modern styles too. Mock seam pantyhose for instance retain the back-seam. Cuban heel pantyhose retain the enforced heel as well as the back-seam.
Some people even consider reinforced toes on modern hosiery to be part of the influence of the vintage full fashioned style.