French Lace Pantyhose

french lace pantyhose     French lace pantyhose shall always occupy a special place in the heart of this pantyhose lover, for the simple reason that one of the first pairs of pantyhose I ever wore were such French-lace ones. For me, the French lace style will therefore always represent the epitome of pantyhose design. I remember the pantyhose I’m talking about had an intricate lace-design panty, with a similarly detailed waistband. It had tiny leaf or flower patterns at ankle-level and a couple of similar specks on the hips. The hose were otherwise made of a sufficiently sheer and shiny fabric, and featured a light-brownish almost into red kind of brown color.

Now, the panty-design on my first French lace pantyhose was a full bottom one, but there are such pantyhose out there with pretty much every type of panty-design imaginable. Some feature thong back panties, others are simpler, while still others go for an extraordinary level of detail in their lace designs.

I know pantyhose are generally considered an expression of femininity, but French lace pantyhose represent a category apart within that.

Make no mistake, French lace pantyhose are not fully patterned. They only feature a lace design in the panty area and a few possible design elements elsewhere on an otherwise sheer leg.
Such French lace pantyhose scream to be parts of an elegant attire, as they complement a stylish dress better than anything. Though I would not recommend that you wear such pantyhose with leotards (they work just fine with mini-skirts though), I’ve actually seen women pull off that look well too.
Be aware of the fact that French lace pantyhose are meant to turn heads, and will therefore attract more stares than most of the other styles. If you do not aim to shock, or if you’re not looking for a radical visual impact, do not wear such tights.