Footless Pantyhose

footless pantyhose     Footless pantyhose are basically extremely sheer leggings. They look and feel exactly like leggings, with the exception that they are see-through and therefore, when worn with shoes, they look exactly like pantyhose. Why exactly have pantyhose makers developed this hosiery style? One answer would probably be the popularity that leggings have attained lately. Many women want to wear leggings but they may not like pantyhose. Footless pantyhose are the perfect answer for this category. They can appear fashionable while wearing something they may not regard as such: sheer hosiery.

Footless pantyhose may also be popular with those who do not appreciate the feeling of classic types namely those who feel that classic pantyhose are way too restrictive, and that the sense of encasement that they provide is a liability rather than an asset. Footless pantyhose do not feel like sausage casing anymore. They also carry a few rather obvious advantages, the most important one of which is that they do not develop runs as readily as classic styles.
It is no secret to anybody who's ever worn a pair, that most pantyhose develop runs in the toe and the heel area about 90% of the time.
That is where the material is subjected to the most wear and tear, so it's only normal.
Footless pantyhose ladder a lot harder because they have simply done away with the area most susceptible to damage.

footless pantyhose What can footless pantyhose be worn with? Just about any attire, although they may not go well with sophisticated dresses worn for special occasions.
Other than that, as far as style is concerned, footless pantyhose are even more forgiving than leggings.
Footless pantyhose can feature a variety of patterns and degrees of sheerness. They also come in a whole bunch of different colors. Some even have French lace panties. Many footless pantyhose styles feature a reinforced part at the bottom that is meant to keep the material from rolling up on the wearer's leg. This area might feature intricate flower lace designs.