Fishnet Pantyhose

fishnet pantyhose     As far as the structure of the material used is concerned, fishnet pantyhose have little in common with just about any of the other styles. On the level of breathability, fishnet hose are quite probably the best. On the other hand, when it comes to thermal insulation, they're probably the worst as it's safe to assume they don't provide any.

The material used for fishnet pantyhose features a peculiar type of knit, one which leaves open diamond shape holes, and very little material which actually covers the skin. On the level of the fiber used though, fishnets are the same as any other pantyhose: they’re made from the same blend of nylon and lycra (spandex).

Fishnets have an interesting way of enhancing the look of the wearer’s legs. Because of the scarce coverage they provide, one would assume that in order to pull off the fishnet look, one would have to have picture-prefect legs, but surprisingly enough, it isn’t so. When I first wore fishnets I was amazed by the subtle yet quite impressive optical illusion they generated. Even if you have a visible scar on your leg somewhere, fishnets will hide it, apparently by distracting the viewer’s eyes with the maze of patterns they create.
fishnet pantyhose Because of the way the net-like material stretches, fishnet pantyhose – like shiny hose – do have a 3D-effect on the legs.

Fishnets are quite stylish worn for just about every occasion. These pantyhose are available in various degrees of pattern-fineness. Those with very large diamond patterns fall into a different style-category, that of the fencenet pantyhose.
Fishnets which feature a very fine diamond pattern are also known as micro-fishnets.
While most fishnet hose are black, there are a variety of other colors available too. While style-wise it would be recommended that you stay clear of neon pink or neon green, you don’t have to restrict yourself to black only either. Nude, brown and grey are also high up on the stylishness scale.

Most fishnets come without any kind of additional patterns, but I have seen fishnets with woven-in patterns, even some with gold or silver fibers added.