Cuban Heel Pantyhose

cuban heel pantyhose     Cuban heel pantyhose feature peculiar re-enforced soles. This enforced part is barely visible when the wearer is standing, even when she isn’t wearing any shoes. The most interesting part of the Cuban heel pantyhose is obviously its heel area where a special pattern works the reinforced sole part into a seam running up the back of the leg of the wearer. In this respect, Cuban heel pantyhose can be considered mock-seam pantyhose too.
Most Cuban heel pantyhose – although this isn’t exactly a rule of any sort – feature control tops. The back-seam usually ends right where the re-enforced control top begins. The back-seem can be a simple straight one or a more intricate one featuring a flower pattern or just about any pattern that catches the designer’s fancy.

What are the peculiarities of Cuban heel pantyhose? Well, first of all, they offer the wearer’s soles a more comfortable (not to mention less slippery) surface. The special pattern used at the heel acts to visually slim the wearer’s ankles, and through this effect, the entire leg will gain a much shapelier look. The back-seam is always stylish, enhancing the shape of the leg as well as visually adding to its length.

Wearing a Cuban heel pantyhose with a skirt (even a short one) is highly recommended. Wearing it with a leotard is a different matter though. Because the back-seams tend to end where the control top begins, the upper part of the pantyhose no longer has a sophisticated appearance, so leaving this part uncovered by additional layers of clothing is not exactly a great idea.