Crotchless Pantyhose

crotchless pantyhose     Crotchless pantyhose come in 3 variants within the style. There are crotch-less pantyhose out there with just a tiny piece of the pantyhose missing (kind of like having the crotch-panel taken away), crotchless hose which have larger panels of material missing in several areas, and crotchless hose that look and feel exactly like garter-belt/stockings combos.

The first variant is one used a lot by various pantyhose-erotica websites on their models. It leaves the crotch open for obvious reasons. The great thing about such crotchless hosiery is that one can create her own crotchless hose with the help of a pair of scissors, simply by carefully cutting out and removing the crotch-panel of the pantyhose. Because the crotch-panel is a separately sewn-in piece, by being careful when cutting it away, one can completely eliminate the possibility of runs.

crotchless pantyhose The second type of crotchless pantyhose has larger panels of material missing in several areas. One such area is obviously the crotch area, but because of the size of missing material there, the wearer's bum shall be left exposed as well. Such hose usually have two O-shaped panels missing on both sides, in addition to the missing crotch area.

The third type of crotchless hose have such large surfaces of nylon material missing that they look, feel and act similar to garter-belt/stocking combinations. These pantyhose eliminate many of the discomfort and cumbersomeness which comes with wearing stockings and garter belts, while retaining all the advantages, as well as the classic look.

crotchless pantyhose What advantages do crotchless pantyhose offer over traditional styles? As you probably know, one of the biggest health-wise disadvantages of regular pantyhose is that they seal off the crotch area, and they keep it hot, thereby creating an environment in which bacteria and fungi thrive. Crotchless pantyhose do away with that drawback completely.
Much like garter belts/stockings, they also facilitate easier access to the wearer's crotch area, who no longer needs to remove the entire garment when the circumstances call for it.