Convertible Pantyhose

convertible pantyhose     If you're having a hard time deciding whether to pick sheer leggings over pantyhose or vice-versa, convertible pantyhose represent the perfect solution for you. Convertible pantyhose do not come with closed feet. Instead, they feature a small elastic band around the opening at the bottom of the feet. This elastic band makes it possible for the wearer to wear the tights either as sheer leggings (by simply putting her feet through the hole at the bottom of the tights and rolling them up on her lower legs to the desired height), or as pantyhose (by not putting her feet through the hole, but letting the elastic band pull the hose-leg together at the soles of the feet). When desired, one can go from leggings to pantyhose quite literally in a matter of seconds.

What advantages do convertible pantyhose offer? Other than the above described ones not many. They basically act as pantyhose when worn as such and leggings when worn as leggings. The fact that they do not cover the soles of wearer's feet entirely may be viewed as an advantage as well by some, especially by people who have sweating problems while wearing panty hose.
On the other hand, the small rubber band at the heart of the design may also prove a little cumbersome and uncomfortable for the soles when worn with shoes. If you choose a high quality convertible pantyhose of proper size through, that shouldn't be a problem as that section of the pantyhose is so fine it's barely noticeable.

What should you wear convertible pantyhose with? To make a long story short: just about anything that you'd wear normal, basic pantyhose or sheer leggings with.