Control Top Pantyhose

control top pantyhose     A while ago, while searching for pantyhose related material on the Internet I came across a question: a person wanted to know what control top pantyhose was, so I decided to dedicate a section for it on
Here goes: control top pantyhose are pantyhose which feature a top panty-part which is made of slightly different material than the legs. Let's make it as clear as possible: this top part is not a panty-shaped one. The reinforced part of the control top pantyhose resembles shorts more than anything else.

Why is the panty part reinforced this way, and what makes the material look and feel different from the one used for the legs? The stronger, upper part of the control top panty hose is designed to exert more pressure on the wearer’s buttocks than sheer to waist (STW) pantyhose would. Most women prefer control top because of the shaping effect that it has on a part of their body they are usually extremely self-conscious about. I personally like control tops because of the more intense pantyhose feeling that they provide. The pressure that they exert also acts as a weird kind of energizer for one's body.
The biggest drawbacks of control top pantyhose consists in the visible reinforced part which may sometimes even hang out from under shorter skirts. Those who wear pantyhose with leotards, will not like the control top part being flaunted in plain view, then again some women just don't care.
While generally considered unsightly, the control top part doesn't have to be that. I have seen pantyhose styles, which instead of trying to conceal the bottom of the reinforced area, featured a lace design there to make it stand out more.

How are such reinforced control tops made? The weaving machine uses a higher den (heavier) fiber for the top part of the pantyhose. This fiber contains more spandex than the rest of the hose, therefore it can produce more pressure in the areas which it covers, thus helping to keep things “under control”.
The fact that they feature control tops doesn't mean that these pantyhose can't feature just about any type of pattern and degree of sheerness on the legs. As a matter of fact, I do happen to own several control top pairs with extremely intricate and attractive designs on the legs. As long as one doesn't wear control top panty hose with extremely revealing clothes (like mini skirts and leotards), nobody will ever know whether her pantyhose is a control top one or a sheer to waist one.
Where should you not wear control top pantyhose? I wouldn't recommend it for aerobics, gymnastics or any other type of physical activity involving leotards, or with extremely short skirts. For anything else, they’re as good as any other style of pantyhose.