Cable Knit Pantyhose

cable knit pantyhose     Cable knit pantyhose are among the thickest pantyhose out there. As such, they should almost exclusively be worn in the fall, when the weather is cooler. Wearing cable knit hose in the summer is not just a fashion faux pas, it is also going to be beyond uncomfortable in a bunch of different ways. Cable knit pantyhose are manufactured out of high DEN fiber which contains little nylon. I’m not 100% certain of this, but I suspect that there aren’t any shiny cable-knit pantyhose out there. A while ago I did have a pair of tights that were rather thick and that did feature a 3D pattern which was shiny, and I do suppose that pair qualified as cable knit pantyhose, but from that to shiny hose there’s still a great leap.

Cable-knit pantyhose feature 3D patterns. In this instance, 3D means that these patterns actually stick out of the plane created by the base material. One obviously needs material of a certain thickness to be able to pull off the 3D pattern look.

cable knit pantyhose What can you wear cable-knit tights with? Despite their rather intricate and apparently cumbersome nature, cable knit pantyhose work well, with just about any skirt or dress (again, provided the weather conditions condone). Never wear it with a leotard though. Cable knit hose are not exactly sporty, so they don’t make an acceptable combination with leotards, which are extremely sporty by nature.

Where can you find good cable knit hosiery? Just run a search for them: the results are not as polluted with questionable quality information sources as for other hosiery-related terms.