Wolford's Hero Pantyhose

Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights     If you have an affinity towards bondage-oriented hosiery, Wolford's Hero pantyhose is definitely for you. These pantyhose create an exquisite look through the bandage pattern they feature. Some of them apparently come with back seams while others don't. The pair we got out hands on for the purposes of this review was one with a back seam. As soon as you get your hands on the package, you know it's something exquisite you're dealing with. The graphic on the package is stylish and in the same time it gives you the impression that you got your money's worth on your £33 acquisition.

The pantyhose are superb. I suppose that those of you who have ever tried on a pair of Wolfords will understand why the name can be used as a guarantee of quality by itself. The patterned part of the pantyhose is a little heavier, but the rest of it is the definition of sheerness. The yarn used for these tights is 92% nylon and 8% spandex, which means they do indeed provide as authentic a nylon feel as possible.
As far as we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com know, Wolford's Hero pantyhose are only available in two shades of black, but apparently there's a tan version as well (we couldn't verify this though).
Wolford's Hero tights may not run cheap, but excellence is never cheap and you are getting your money's worth with these pantyhose.

These pantyhose are a must have for Cheryl Cole fans too. The singer wore something quite similar called Wolford Bondage in her "Promise This" video, in which she worked the look to perfection. The difference between the two is the backseam on the Hero style. There are both made black with black ribbon design and natural with a black ribbon design.