Wolford's Fatal Neon

wolfords fatal neon     Wolford's Fatal Neon is quite positively one of the most famous pantyhose brands out there. This panty hose is a 40 DEN one, which means that isn't exactly light. Its composition is 89% nylon and 11% lycra. The high nylon content means one thing: gloss. Lovers of shiny pantyhose will be crazy about these hose. Since I am a great fan of shiny nylons myself, I can tell you I was extremely impressed with the quality of the pantyhose the second I put my hands on the package. The package cover is an excellent testimony to the outstanding talent of the photographer responsible for the design. As soon as you unwrap them, you can feel that you're in the presence of pantyhose royalty.
At first sight, the material isn't particularly impressive but as soon as you let your fingers touch it, you can't help but feel overwhelmed by the smoothness and the overall quality of it.

Wolford's Fatal Neon feature reinforced toes and a sturdy waistband. Other than that, the panty hose are completely sheer and seamless. Probably due to the utter lack of seems - provided that you picked the right size – your Fatal Neons will mold onto your lower body like a genuine second skin. What that means is that your Fatal Neons will look great worn with a skirt and high heels, but they will also look awesome under a leotard (even if it happens to feature a thong bottom). Due to the gentle compression it exerts on the legs and to their seamless construction, these pantyhose will not only not hinder any kind of physical activity, they will almost encourage you to move.

The distribution of color over the length of the leg is excellent and the smoothness is great too. The sheen of the hose is more than satisfactory, but I need to tell you it looks a lot better in skin tone colors than in either black or white.
So far I have only listed pluses about these wonderful tights. There are a couple of drawbacks too though: the first one is the one linked to sheerness. Given the excellent sheen of the material used for the Fatal Neons, making the tights sheerer would definitely have made them even more appealing. Had they used 15 DEN fiber for the fabric, the rating would've gone from excellent to phenomenal.

The second problem is that apparently Wolford no longer make these pantyhose (why they don't is anybody's guess), and that leads to yet another problem: the cost. Be prepared that you'll have to cough up quite a significant amount of money for a pair of these beauties.
If they still made them, they would cost around $40 a pair in a store. A perfect pair still in its original packaging would probably cost nearer $250-$350 if you could actually find one.