Wolford's Nola Pantyhose

Wolford Nola Pantyhose     For this pantyhose-pantyhose.com reviewer, tights which feature a 15 DEN weight and a shiny or even slightly shiny texture simply can’t go wrong. Toss the name "Wolford" into that mix and a stylishly simple black-on-tan pattern and you have the makings of a rave review.

Yes, I’ll admit it, I loved even the idea of a shiny (well, slightly shiny) 15-DEN Wolford product, even before I knew about the Wolford Nola pantyhose, and it was everything I had hoped for and more, when I finally got my hands on it. Fresh out of the package, these tights are already turning heads and winning over hearts. Their texture is second to none even before they’re stretched out on the legs. The fit is wonderful and once they slip into place, they create a chic and in the same time affluent visual spectacle, that’s everything a hosiery lover would ever want. To say that they feel great on the legs would probably be an understatement as well. These pantyhose are simply superb. Featuring flat seams and a cotton-padded crotch panel, which goes well with the STW panty, they hug the wearer’s curves like a sensual body-glove.
The sensual pattern down the side of the legs is made up of small connected dots, which create a great look for the legs, while making them appear longer too.

Now for a little bit of technical info: the 15 DEN fiber features a composition of 79% nylon and 16% lycra. There’s a 5% cotton part too, which obviously goes into the construction of the gusset.

These pantyhose are available in a color Wolford calls "gobi". There are apparently two versions available: gobi, with black pattern and gobi with white pattern. We had the honor of reviewing the black pattern version, so we can whole-heartedly recommend that. The white pattern is probably just as great though as the black one.
These pantyhose cost a little over $45, but they’re Wolfords, and that pretty much says it all.