Wolford Mimi Pantyhose

Wolford Mimi Pantyhose     Wolford’s Mimi tights are a superbly deceptive pair of pantyhose. They appear to be exquisite, high-end hosiery, with a touch of uniqueness and at a closer look, they do indeed confirm that status in every way. The quality of the 15 DEN fabric is outstanding, the waistband is soft and comfortable and the seams are flat and barely there. The whole ensemble screams quality and leg-wear opulence, but if one is to take away one relatively minute design-element, all she’s left with is a pair of regular (albeit still superbly-made) 15 DEN pantyhose.

The design element which pretty much makes these pantyhose the visually appealing hosiery spectacle that they are, is the flower stripe which goes down the outside of each leg, wonderfully following the curves and the contours.
The composition of the fiber that these tights are made of is 83% polypropylene (nylon), 9% polyester and 8% lycra (responsible for their elasticity and the wonderful fit).
The great thing about the flower-stripe design is that it comes in two colors: black and white, both on a tan base. The tan/white tights are more subtle, in the sense that the stripe is less striking. The tan/black ones on the other hand create a much more stringent contrast, which we loved about them. If you’re looking to make an impression, by all means, go for the tan/black ones.
Regardless of the colors involved, the design remains subtle and stylish, as it effectively screams Wolford quality.

At $58, these are definitely not cheap pantyhose, but they look the part: no one will think for a second that you’re not wearing some expensive brand. The Wolford quality is what you’re really paying for here, and in this instance – as well as in pretty much every other one – it’s well worth the price.
The bottom line: these are stylish tights which aren’t cheap, but which certainly deliver a more than fair bang for the buck.