Vixen Farrah Mid-Calf Seamer Pantyhose

Vixen Farrah Mid-Calf Seamer Pantyhose     These pantyhose are about the celebration of femininity. They’re soft and cuddly and extremely easy on the eyes, drawing attention to the bedazzling nature of the female form in a subtle and stylish yet incredibly provocative kind of way. Reminiscent of Gerbe Desir design, the design centerpiece of these beautiful tights is the V-shaped French-lace style panty, which features serrated edges and coupled with the low-waist nature of the ensemble, creates some extremely appealing visuals.

The problem with such intricate and appealing design elements this far up the pantyhose is a ubiquitous one though: they will stay hidden 99% of the time, so from the point of view of the average onlooker, they may as well not even be there.

Vixen’s Farrah Mid Calf Seamers however have that dilemma covered as well. There’s another simple yet appealing design element at work here too: the narrow back seam which starts up the back of the legs from the heels, but stops around halfway up the calves, in what is something reminiscent of a flower-bud.

The actual quality of the material which plays canvas to all the above described design elements is outstanding, and that becomes obvious the second one removes these pantyhose from their package. The 20 DEN fabric is soft to the touch yet sheer-enough when stretched out on the legs. It evens out in a flawless manner too, providing the perfect backdrop for the back-seam as well as for the pretty panty design. The waistband is deep enough to keep these low-waist tights securely in place in a comfortable way. The composition of the material is 90% nylon and 10% elastane – just the way we here at like it.

At around $18, these pantyhose aren’t particularly cheap nor are they expensive. Their price is an accurate reflection of the sort of quality and wearing experience they bring to the table.