Victoria's Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose

Victoria's Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose     If you’ve read around this site before you happened across this page, you probably already know that we love shiny pantyhose. The shinier the better as far as we’re concerned, so we’re not going to give a bad review to any panty hose which tips our “sheen-scale”, and even less so to a top of the range product which is like a Ferrari among compacts. That is what Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth pantyhose are indeed. They are some of the most luxurious pantyhose that exist, something that every pantyhose lover should have on her bucket-list. These pantyhose aren’t cheap, but then again, when it comes to quality they cut no corners either, so in the end you do indeed get what you pay for.

Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth tights are sheer to waist (STW) pantyhose. They come with reinforced toes (thicker DEN nylon than the rest of the hose) and cotton panels for more comfort. Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth are extremely shiny, which means the nylon content in the yarn used for them is high. That has no negative connotations for the wearer though: the yarn is of absolutely the best quality that’s available and therefore the resulting material is quite a piece of work as well. The pantyhose will hug your legs and lower-body in a slippery-shiny-comfortable sheath, re-defining the way you’ll view hosiery from that point on. Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth pantyhose take pantyhose haters’ arguments and shove them right down their throats. These pantyhose are just superb; nothing negative can be said about them. They’re extremely eye-catching too, so they work their magic towards the outside world just as well as they do towards the wearer’s skin.
Thanks to the quality of materials used in their construction, Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth last longer than most other pantyhose, thereby once again justifying the relatively steep costs.

Bottom line: do give these pantyhose a try. They’re indeed a true classic. You can’t call yourself a true pantyhose lover till you take these babies for a spin.