Veneziana Panta Milla Pantyhose

Veneziana Panta Milla Pantyhose     The Veneziana Panta Mille pantyhose represent quite a mix: the brand is from Poland and the Italian-sounding name seems to be justified by the fact that the material for these pantyhose is actually made in Italy indeed. As you can tell from the attached picture, the Panta Mille tights are footless: the first such pantyhose we review on the pages of this website.
Footless pantyhose are definitely a novelty: they have been around for a few years, but they're not one of the traditional pantyhose styles. The Panta Mille pantyhose betray quality just as soon as one removes them from the package. Although the graphics of the package are more than decent, they don't do justice to the hosiery that one finds inside them.
The touch is awesome and – even though they're quite matte – the pantyhose won us over within a few seconds. The 20 DEN Veneziana Panta Milla pantyhose are made of fiber featuring 86% nylon and 11% lycra. There's also a cotton crotch panel which accounts for 3% of the material used for the pantyhose. The reinforced and the patterned areas of the tights obviously feature higher DEN material.

The legs of the Panta Milla pantyhose feature a nice, even color and texture. The panty area features a T-band design, which is always a favorite of ours. The bottoms of the legs have an elastic band to keep the hose from sliding up, which is followed by a reinforced area and a nice flower/vine pattern which - quite frankly – is the heart and soul of these tights. Without this pattern, the tights wouldn't amount to more than simple legging-style sheer pantyhose. The pattern is rich and detailed and it goes all the way up to the wearer's knees.

As far as sizing is concerned: the Veneziana Panta Milla pantyhose seem to be available in only 2 sizes. The larger one is said to fit 5'8 tall women, but given that it's footless pantyhose we're dealing with and that they seemed to have plenty of stretch too, it's safe to affirm that taller women could probably wear them as well. Price-wise, the Panta Milla represents a middle road: they're not the cheapest but they're decently priced for the quality they stand for.