Trasparenze Tropea Toeless Pantyhose

Trasparenze Tropea Toeless tight     We've been raving about the benefits and the novelty factor brought to the table of the hosiery industry by toeless pantyhose for a while, but thus far we hadn't had the opportunity to review such nylons. Well, the wait is finally over. We've gotten our hands on Trasparenze's Tropea, as fine an example of toeless hosiery as it gets. Needless to say, these tights are wonderfully suited for wearing with sandals. They are guaranteed to have onlookers puzzled as they will not understand the apparent lack of connection between your bare (and hopefully wonderfully manicured) toes and the ultra sheer yet telltale perfection of your legs. These pantyhose are truly impressive both in design and in quality. They feature an 8 DEN material, which comes with a slight sheen to add that truly beautifying touch to the legs of the wearer. The toes aren't reinforced (just kidding there: THERE AREN'T TOE AREAS at all on these pantyhose!), the panty design in of the Sheer To Waist variety and there's a cotton gusset which is a usual mark of quality on pantyhose.

The composition of the material is 88% nylon and 12% lycra.
The Trasparenze Tropea pantyhose come in several colors/shades: off-white, skin-tone, black and dark-brown. Now, from our experience, we can tell you that matching these toeless tight as close to your skin-tone as possible is pretty much a must for the best effect. We didn't particularly like the look the black one created, although the off-white one was surprisingly appealing despite the obvious contrast of tone it generated.
The toe area of the pantyhose consists of two loops of soft and silky material which go around the wearer's big toe and pinky toe in order to keep the tights in place under all circumstances.
Trasperenze's Tropea feature flat seams and a deep, comfortable waistband.
The verdict: while these pantyhose do tend to be a bit expensive, they're indeed a nice piece of hosiery, and at the end of the day they're fully worth the money you'll spend on them.