Trasparenze Tokyo Pantyhose

Trasparenze Tokyo nylons     With the Tokyo pantyhose, Trasparenze have taken the fetish look to the extreme, in a good way. The fetish look is indeed a more and more trendy one these days, and these pantyhose overshadow just about everything else in this respect: they’re cute and risqué in the same time and they’re extremely versatile: depending on the skirt length of the wearer, they can be worn in two radically different ways, we’ll tell you how shortly.

First, let’s take a technical look at the product: the Trasparenze Tokyo pantyhose are high quality tights from every point of view: they feature a cotton gusset, flat seams and a shiny finish which we here at are extremely fond of. They feature a STW panty area and a weight of 20 DEN all over. The structure of the fiber is 85% nylon and 15% lycra.
Now on to the design part: as you can see in the attached picture, these aren’t your everyday pantyhose by any means. If you could see them from the back as well, you’d notice that in addition to all the fine detail seen from the front, they feature a flowing ribbon back-seam as well as a Cuban heel for the retro-risque look. They also feature extremely feminine and cute mock garters: just below the waistband there’s an opaque garter belt design, from which two ribbon-like mock suspenders wind down to the mock-suspenders which feature the same bow design.
The back-seams end in a bow just above the knees too. The body-seam of the panty hose has a thin reinforced band on both sides, which lends the panty area a wiry T-top appearance.

How can one wear these pantyhose in two radically different ways? Simple: if the skirt is short and the mock suspenders are visible, a risqué look results which will draw stares like a magnet. If the skirt is long enough to cover up the mock suspenders and garters, the look is a conservative vintage one, beautifully accentuated by the classic Cuban heel.

Would we recommend that you pick up these nylons? You’d better believe it! They cost around £18, so they’re definitely not cheap, but they don’t look cheap on the legs either, and there’s a cost to elegance and style – in this case well worth the goods.