Trasparenze Romantic Pantyhose

Trasparenze Romantic Pantyhose     WOW. That is pretty much all I could say when I caught my first glimpse of the package of these pantyhose and I was left even more breathless when I got them out, ran my hands through them and finally put them on. These pantyhose are so hot, they sizzle when you pull them from the package (they don’t really, but the eyes of every hosiery connoisseur are guaranteed to pop).

We now know that Trasparenze’s design team is in fact practicing a sort of sport here and the name of that sport is “extreme pantyhose design”. These guys take things to the extreme and just when one thinks they’ve gone about as far as it was humanly possible, they return to the drawing board and deliver something like this.

The Trasparenze Romantic pantyhose are indeed way over the top, and therefore they’re probably not a huge hit with non-fanatic hosiery wearers. The design of the panty area does indeed come off as too much of a good thing, but as far as we are concerned, there’s no such thing. Every single square inch of the panty area has basically been jam-packed with an extremely feminine floral design, the very texture of which would probably deserve a separate review of its own. We find the look extremely appealing indeed and we also find ourselves regretting the fact that under normal circumstances, the wearer will never be able to show off this area of her tights.

The 15 DEN cosmetic-color base- layer is one that has become a time-honored and battle-tested canvas for the Trasparenze designers. The 90% nylon content makes sure that the feel is as nylony and as sensual as it gets. The design patterns take over from there, driving these nylons into the realm of the surreal.
The bottom part of the panty-area design runs into a bow which is discretely shaded, taking on a three-dimensional sort of appearance. From these bows a wavy pencil line runs down the back of the legs all the way to the heels of the wearer, putting a spectacular and feminine cherry on top of an already spectacular cake.
While the design may indeed be considered a romantic one – hence the name of the tights – we have a feeling that in this case, that adjective doesn’t even begin to properly approximate the level of hosiery-design sophistication we’re dealing with. These tights are wildly appealing, so wildly in fact that many women are guaranteed to find them simply way over the top.

At ~$17, Trasparenze’s Romantic pantyhose are a true bargain as far as we’re concerned.