Trasparenze Roma Pantyhose

Trasparenze’s Roma tight     If you’re looking for amazingly sheer pantyhose with a special print, you may not know it yet but you are in fact looking for Trasparenze’s Roma pantyhose. These tights are simply amazing in so many ways. Featuring a 15 DEN material, they offer a STW design, a cotton gusset and a bondage-type design which is so appealing you’ll fall in love with it at first glance.
The material features an 85% nylon and 15% composition. The panty area is a really thin T-top, which manages to look great with all the bondage-ribbons which surround it.

The waistband of the pantyhose is deep enough to provide excellent fit and comfort and there’s a small ‘Trasparenze’ inscription on one of the ribbons in the panty area, representing yet another subtly sensual addition to the design. The bondage design starts right at the waist where there are a couple of ribbons criss-crossing the wearer’s body.
There’s another such bondage-ribbon insert right where the thigh-band would be if one were wearing stockings, on both legs. The calves are completely covered in yet another criss-crossing ribbon, which starts at the feet and ends right under the knees, where it appears to be fastened with a tiny bow. The whole design ensemble is obviously on the pantyhose, none of the ribbons are actual physical ones. The base color of the tights is tan/gazelle, and the ribbons are opaque black.
The final verdict: these pantyhose are must haves for true hosiery lovers. They do cost around 13 GBP, but they’re fully worth the money. Yet another winner by Trasparenze.