Trasparenze Ribbons Pantyhose

Trasparenze Ribbons Pantyhose     If you've known us for a while, by now you probably also know that we are huge Trasparenze fans, and that we're not ashamed to admit it either. No, we haven't come down with a case of a weird and unexplained brand-loyalty virus. We love Trasparenze because of designs such as the one they've managed to produce on their Ribbons pantyhose.

To call this design breathtaking would probably be an understatement. Trasparenze's designers are definitely of the most daring kind, but fortunately the over-the-top nature of their designs is always coupled with extreme creativity and an extreme understanding of the delicate and feminine nature of hosiery.

These 15 DEN pantyhose come in a cosmetic color only and that is just fine with us because we find that there are few things more appealing than intricate feminine designs in black set against the backdrop of the semi-shiny nude colored 15 DEN material.
The tumbling lace-up corset design starts right at the waistband of the pantyhose and it goes down the back of each leg all the way to the heels. There are two horizontal thigh-band patterns where stockings would normally begin, and in any other case this would overload the resulting image, but Trasparenze have somehow managed to make it look good. The thigh-band patterns actually add to the sensuality of the overall resulting look.

The actual makeup of the material is one that we also approve of: 90% of it is nylon while 10% is lycra. The high nylon content means that these pantyhose feel extremely sensual straight out of the box, and that feeling is only amplified when they slip into place stretched out on the legs. Available in a wide range of sizes, these pantyhose are probably only appealing to hosiery lovers and connoisseurs. Yes, the design is indeed over the top, but it is over-the-top in a good way.

At around $17, these tights do not come cheap, but they're not expensive either given the visual- and the wearing experience that they deliver.