Trasparenze Nawra Pantyhose

Trasparenze Nawra tight     We've been doing quite a few Trasparenze reviews lately and there are a few good reasons behind that. We've managed to get our hands on a good batch of Trasparenze pantyhose on one hand, on the other: we've grown to really like these tights. They are as good as anything else you'll find out there quality-wise, but when it comes to design, the Trasparenze folks have nailed it: we're crazy about the patterns, back-seams and various subtle yet significant little design elements they've come up with. These pantyhose are seriously flattering to say the least and yes, there's a more than welcome consistency throughout all their product range in this respect. Anyway, on to today's main course: the Trasparenze Nawra pantyhose.

These tights are 15 DEN ones, featuring the type of sheen we here at really love. In that respect, these 87% nylon/13% lycra pantyhose are your average 15 DEN shiny workhorse tights. They feature reinforced toes to ward off possible runs (which as you probably know are most likely to develop at the toes) and a gusset made out of the same material as the legs (although of higher/just different DEN).
This is where all similarities to your average pair of 15 DEN pantyhose end though. The waistband is about one and a quarter inches deep, offering excellent comfort and fit. On the waistband there's also a nice chain-design which has the Trasparenze brand-name incorporated. It doesn't look tacky at all, in fact, it looks awesome. We love it.
The centerpiece of the Nawra design is the detailed pendant back-seam, which starts just above the ankles of the wearer and goes all the way to the waist-band. This seam is guaranteed to achieve two things on your legs: draw stares like a magnet and make your legs look much longer as well as slimmer than they actually are.

Needless to say, the panty area is of the STW type, to accommodate the back-seam design running all the way up to the top. There is no T-panty design. The Trasparenze Nawra pantyhose are available in two colors: black and tan with black design elements. Of the two we definitely recommend the tan/black combo, the effect it creates on the legs is simple breath-taking.
The verdict: while they may cost close to $24, these tights are great in every respect. We love them and you will probably like them two if you pick them up.