Trasparenze Jkai Pantyhose

Trasparenze Jkai Pantyhose     Yes, we are a bit biased here at and we're not even trying to deny it. We're biased towards fancy, fine hosiery, with shiny/glossy texture and with intricately feminine and appealing patterns. The above may well have been the definition of the tights created by Trasparenze: they are indeed one of our favorite brands. Now you know why we seem to review more Trasparenze pantyhose than of any other brand: after all, we take pleasure in reviewing these nylons and thus we are obviously drawn back to them every time something new surfaces.
Now then, Trasparenze's Jkai pantyhose may not be all new, but they're new to us and as soon as we saw them in an online shop, we felt compelled to pick them up.
Once again, we can tell you we weren't let down at all by these pantyhose: they're not great, they're superb.

The base pantyhose are the usual skin-colored Trasparenze creation, featuring high quality yarn and feel second to none. The pattern is black on nude basically, creating the same contrast as all the other patterned Trasparenze creations, which we here at appreciate so much.
The pattern delivers yet again: it adds glamour and style to an otherwise rather homely-looking base layer. The mock ribbons wrap around the leg, from the top of the thighs all the way down to the ankles, ending up in a pretty bow.
At almost �15, these tights are definitely not in the low-end spectrum prize-wise, but they are extremely popular with the customers; they sell out fast and they never fail to get rave reviews.

The bottom line: if you're looking to stun and to impress, these are definitely the pantyhose for you. Be mindful however that if you wear them, there will be people - wherever you go - who won't be able to take their eyes off your legs!