Trasparenze Buckle Strip Pantyhose

Trasparenze Buckle Strip Pantyhose     By now, all our readers are aware that we are huge Trasparenze fans, so the minute we can get our greedy little hands on some Trasparenze hosiery it’s essentially party-time for us. The reasons are obvious: Trasparenze designers are the boldest in the business and when it comes to bold hosiery design, we’re always buyers!
The reason why we don’t review more Trasparenze tights is that this hosiery does not come cheap at all. At the end of the day though, it’s always well worth its steep cost, and we have thus far never been let down by our Trasparenze purchases.

Trasparenze’s Buckle Strip pantyhose stand out even among other Trasparenze creations through their uniquely appealing style, bold patterns and sheer sensuality. These are crotch-less (strip panty) pantyhose, which essentially means that the panty-part is a bit of a hybrid between pantyhose and stockings.

The Trasparenze Buckle Strip pantyhose feature a leather belt-like design just below their actual waist-band, which comes complete with a buckle. Downward from this belt, there’s an intricate mock-garter design, which ends around mid-thigh in other leather straps the role of which is to delimit the mock-stocking area of the ensemble.
There are two intricately decorated back seams running down all the way to the heels.
The whole design is black-on-tan, one of our favorite combinations.

The material the tights are made of features a 15 DEN weight (our personal magic DEN number), and it’s not really shiny, despite the high nylon content (80%). 10% polypropylene and 10% lycra complete the makeup of the pantyhose.
The verdict: these pantyhose are superb to look at, and they fit well on the legs too. Putting them on is a bit of a chore as one has to pay a great deal of attention to how the back-seams and the various other design features are lined up. At more than $40, they do not come cheap, but then again, these are definitely not your everyday pair of “workhorse” tights.