Trasparenze Brazil Pantyhose

Trasparenze Brazil Pantyhose     If you’ve been with us for a while, by now you know that Trasparenze is one of our favorite brands, if not THE best design-wise as far as we’re concerned. These guys are just so bold with their designs: they take something others may not find the courage to slap onto a pair of tights and they just do it. In addition to their quirky and fabulous designs, they feature a quality "canvas" too, so they have every angle thoroughly covered.

When it comes to the Brazil pantyhose, Trasparenze have yet again outperformed themselves. The key words here are opulence, decadence, sensuality, sumptuousness and femininity. There is simply no way these pantyhose are going to disappoint anyone, neither will they ever go unnoticed. The keen attention to detail, starting with the tiny silver clasps which apparently hold the design together at the back of the leg, to the intricate floral motif featured in the mock thigh-high area of the tights, is obvious and a pleasure to behold.
The added ruffles at the waist as well as well as at the top of the mock thigh-highs add still more depth to the concept.
Aside from the obvious visuals, there are several other factors which we here at appreciate and rate highly in reviews. The panty area features a classic T-solution, which is sensual and practical in the same time.
The waist-band is deep enough to assure comfort and the composition and DEN of the material are also spot-on.

The 15 DEN weight fiber features a 90% nylon and 10 lycra content. The crotch panel is made with cotton, the seams are flat and the only color (or rather color-scheme) in which these tights are available is the right one as well: black on cosmetic (skin-color).

The bottom line: even though they cost €19.46, these pantyhose are certainly worth the investment. Although one won’t really be able to ever show off the ruffled top of her mock thigh-highs, the part of the design which will be visible on the legs is impressive enough as well. It will draw stares like a magnet, there are no two ways about it.