Trasparenze Blossom Pantyhose

Trasparenze Blossom tights     Those who like flower prints on their pantyhose are sure to love Trasparenze’s Blossom tights. These are some pretty sunny/breezy/summer-ushering pantyhose which look great with pretty much anything one chooses to wear them with, from classy evening gowns to some light, casual shirts/skirts. The flower pattern on these pantyhose is simply breath-taking. It’s in the shape of a flowery vine, which starts at the feet, on top of the feet actually and runs up the leg winding over to the side of the thigh and eventually running around the thighs, hugging them where the garters would be if one wore stockings instead of these marvelous pantyhose.
The flowery vine motif reappears just below the waistband. The waistband itself is quite a work of art too. About 1 inch deep for added comfort, it features the Trasparenze logo (a twist each and every one of the company’s products sport) and a lace-like edge.

The pantyhose feature flat seams, a comfort crotch-panel and sandal toes, which makes them wearable with open toed summer footwear. The Trasparenze blossom pantyhose we were able to take a glance at were tan with a black, opaque pattern, and frankly this is the color-combo we can indeed recommend. The only other shade in which the Blossom pantyhose are available is black on sheer black, but that is a lot less summer-like and a tad more sober. Since both variants cost the same (~€21) you’re much better off sticking with the former.

The material of the pantyhose is surprisingly heavy: it has a 20 DEN structure, featuring an 85% nylon and 15% lycra composition. The finish is matte, although we quite frankly would’ve preferred it at least semi-shiny. The feel on the legs is extremely silky and smooth.

The bottom line: these are top class, top quality pantyhose, featuring a spectacular design. The price may seem a tad steep but the cost/quality ratio is spot on.