Trasparenze’s Ardith panty hose

Trasparenze’s Ardith tights     Trasparenze's Ardith tights are the perfect choice to touch up any outfit. Due to the stylish and simple, yet quite impressive design they feature, one can't go wrong with these tights. The Ardith pantyhose are obviously aiming to cash in on the floral design trend which has swept across the hosiery industry this year. The flower design on the Ardith nylons starts out at the foot and it goes around the ankle of the wearer, and up on her calves in a back-seam kind-of way.
The peculiar thing about the design is that it pretty much forces the wearer to show it off by wearing strappy sandals. Closed shoes will simply hide the main feature of these pantyhose therefore negating its core appeal.

The Trasparenze Ardith feature an extremely basic knit structure, with a 20 DEN fiber and enough nylon content to give it some sheen. The makeup of the fiber is 85% nylon and 15% lycra. The pantyhose feature a reinforced toe (which is at least a tad peculiar, given the fact that as I said above, these pantyhose are best worn with open-toed, strappy sandals), a comfort gusset and a STW panty area.
The waistband of the Ardith tights features another flowery insert, which is similar to the design seen around the ankles. Keeping with a good-old Trasparenze custom, these pantyhose feature the brand logo printed on the waistband too.
The waistband is about an inch-wide and it is rather comfortable as the pressure it generates is distributed over a larger surface-area.
These pantyhose are available in two color-combos. There's a tan base-color one, with black pattern, and there's a black-on-black option. Of these, we obviously recommend the former, because the high contrast makes for much more appealing visuals. In addition, the sheen factor seems to get lost on the black-on-black tights.
The bottom line: Trasparenze's Ardith nylons may cost a little more than $18, but that's money well spent on these tights. Endowed with the ability to turn any outfit into a designer-level assemble, these pantyhose represent the definition of chic.