Trasparenze Anthea Pantyhose

Trasparenze Anthea tight     I know it's yet another Trasparenze review, but we just had to give these tights a try: they are truly a genuine expression of sophistication and glamour and that is what we here at appreciate more than anything else.
If I had to sum up the review in one sentence, I'd say that the Trasparenze Anthea Pantyhose are fabulously provocative and glamorous. Despite the fact that one can best picture these nylons on legs like the ones in the attached picture, they're definitely not just for the supermodel types. These pantyhose will beautify and tone any pair of legs.

The design of these pantyhose isn't particularly intricate, but it's extremely appealing nonetheless. Trasparenze's Anthea pantyhose feature a risqué back-seam which starts at the soles and is interrupted by a filigree design just a touch above the ankles. The seam then continues all the way up the back of the leg to be joined through yet another flower-motif to a mock suspender, which then goes all the way up to the 1-inch deep waistband adorned with the Trasparenze logo.
Although the brief area of the pantyhose is officially STW (Sheer to Waist) our Anthea pantyhose had a slightly reinforced area in the shape of panties and by no means in that of the boxer-short type of reinforcement that control tops feature. The mock garter design is present in the front as well.
The tights feature a nylon gusset and flat seams. The toes are sandal ones, which is important, because – in order to take full advantage of the look these pantyhose create – it is recommended that the wearer wear them with open toed and open-heeled stilettos.
The material of the pantyhose features a 20 DEN weight which generates plenty of compression. The composition of the fiber is 15% lycra and 85% nylon.
Trasparenze's Anthea pantyhose are available in three colors: tan, black and white. Of these we recommend the tan ones with black patterns. The finish of the pantyhose is matte (which is kind of a shame because we like shiny), but there is a bit of a subtle sheen.

The verdict: Trasparenze's pantyhose are the definition of hosiery elegance. They cost about $20, but they're more than worth it. For utter elegance and glamour don't hesitate to pick up these tights. They're among our favorites too!